URBISON - Interdisciplinary approach for a world in a continuous transformation.


Each project starts with a concept, a story, an identity.

URBISON Design & Technology is a Romanian group of professionals engaged in interconnected areas such as architecture, object design, urban design, interior, branding, research, technology.

The aesthetic layer is just the final finishing stage of the design process. First, a functional foundation is established and then a technical solution is proposed. But all these aspects will mandatory be creatively and conceptually synthesized by a thorough study of the social, cultural, psychological and anthropological climate.

Therefore, also considering up-to-date technologies and the economic context, limitations of any kind resulting from the design brief are transformed into benefits for each project.


Concepts with modern design

Items and equipment

Urban Furniture

We believe that a quality public space is based on social values. The identity of a certain place is given by the street furniture design, it conveys to people the feeling of belonging to a place of their own and encourages interaction and dialogue.

Design, production, installation


The design concept – Design is a very complex activity, which is based on the perfect combination of aesthetic elements, with those strictly related to the science of interior design; in order to obtain unitary, functional and above all personalized spaces.

Through interior design projects, the theme of interior architecture, the choice of finishes, furniture and interior decorations is determined; establishing aesthetic and technical details.